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Sushi yama coupon

sushi yama coupon

of the tower. 500 Akihabara - Capsule Toys dispenser Mossy Mothman A Mothman figure attempting to recreate its fluffiness. 20,000 Underground Mall - 37 Degrees Celsius, ( Niijima's Palace ) Crimson Ring Reduce Fire dmg (low) A ring infused with the power of a fire spirit. Dyed Handkerchief Dyed by Haru herself. 400 coins Niijima's Palace, prize on High Limit Lobby Red Yarn Ball Lu 10 / Auto-Tarukaja A ball of yarn that leads to salvation. Photo Credit: Theresa Thompson @ flickr. It's missing the remote. Element Set - Tin Clasp x3 Plant Balm x3 Cork Bark x3 Arc Magatama Deals 150 Elec damage to one foe. Electric Chair Execution - Take-Minakata Calming Mask Resist Confuse A soft mask that is very soothing.

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Musketeer Suit Haru Haru's rebellious heart as a Metaverse outfit. 2,500 Yongen-Jaya - Yumenoshima Second-hand Shop Garden Energy A cheap plant nutrient. Afterwards, can be traded for a Balm of Life. Asakusa - Nakamise Street Idol Poster A present from Ann. Electric Chair Execution - Ananta Brain Guard Resist Brainwash A headband that clears your thoughts. Akechi default Black Rock - A stone that can transmutate. Gouto Costume Morgana A Gouto-Douji costume for a Metaverse rebel. Ginza Choco Fountain A present from Ann. Allows access to all items sold at the clinic. Can be traded for. 570 Kaneshiro's Palace Scratched Sword A beat-up sword. Locked Chest - Mementos, Chemdah Tough Belt En 5 A belt for men who have the eye of the tiger.

Sushi yama coupon
sushi yama coupon

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