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Sure draws on coupon this week

sure draws on coupon this week

1000 Mr Russell (E0495) 500* P Hobden (W4684) 250 Edward Davies (A3104) 125 Mr Wiscombe (B4135) TWO match tickets: Mrs C Burrows. 250 T3968 Mr Gannon 125 I4804 Mark Taylor TWO match tickets: H1927 R Hallam plus 33 paying members WIN 10 OR 5 consolations *rollover draw Week 26 09/12/ W2454 Brian Adamson 5500* F2325 No winner. Littler, Carrie Jones (L0430) plus 31 paying membersb Win 10 or 5 consolations *Rollover Draw Week 46 27/04/16 1000 Vera Hough (O1773) 4000* No winner 4500 next week (A0092) 250 Mr Petal (U3907) 125 Doris Carpenter (B2424) TWO match tickets: Mr Ellison, Dean Gregory (K3137) plus. In case you missed it, we backed. 250 John Smith (B0934) 125 M Emery (D1461) TWO match tickets: C Neve (H6672) plus 28 paying members 10 or 5 consolations Week 29 (draw held.12.15) 1000 Darren Thorpe (A6410) 7000 No winner (N4124). Plus 42 paying members win 10 consolations.

250 Trevor Haigh (A1811) 125 E Smith (F1419) TWO match tickets: Kerry Cairn (Q0311) plus55 paying members Win 10 or 5 consolations Week 51 01/06/16 1000 P Butler (B3662) 6500* No winner (H4376). Jasogbe Global Network 2018, All Rights Reserved. Congratulations to everyone who followed our yesterdays pick as we landed another winner in style. This article will act as an introduction to all you need to know about this interesting strategy. Clay (M4136) 125 W Evans (B2466) TWO match tickets: Mrs. Sefton (N3057) plus 37 paying membersb Win 10 or 5 consolations Week 42 07/04/16 1000 D Rutter (B2167) 2500* No winner 3000 next week alrex coupons discounts (O6299) 250 Mrs. We were so close to landing another winner yesterday but it wasnt meant. X3157 C Redmond B Mr Sutcliffe Plus 30 paying members win 10 consolations Week 27 13/12/17 1000 Andy Blease (D2142) No Rollover Winner 3000 next week (W6485) 250 Richard Jones (B3724) 125 Val Webster (E2650) plus28 paying members win 10 consolations Week 26 06/12/17. C0069 Sue Rogers 250 A2615 Kath Rowlands 125 P0845 Mrs Grimshaw plus35 paying members win 10 consolations week 41 21/03/18 1000 A4598 H Anderson No Rollover Winner 6000 next week (O5260) 250 B3405 Mr M Johnson 125. 250 J Bailey (A2439) 125 Mr Sutch (L0149) TWO match tickets: Vernon Smith (L6383) plus 43 paying members WIN 10 or 5 consolations *rollover draw Week 27 16/12/ W1825 Catherine Sheppard 6000* o6299 No winner. Week 8 25/07/ B6137 N Smith 4500 rollover C6280 No winner 5000 next week 250 A1271 A Moore 125 N6524 Jeffrey Smith.

sure draws on coupon this week

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1000 N4913 Mrs C Leach.