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Quik smog mountain view coupon

quik smog mountain view coupon

or shredding, incineration, or composting. VaPure Vapor compression still by Paul Mueller. Pitting Localized corrosion-causing attacks over small surface areas which may reach considerable depths. Detectable leak rate The smallest leak from a storage tank expressed in terms of gallons-or liters-per-hour that a test can reliably discern with a certain probability of detection or false alarm. LQG Large quantity generator. Reo-Pure Reverse osmosis system by Great Lakes International, Inc. Resinator Ion exchange system by Aqualogic Inc. Solu Comp flax girl coupon Water measurement instrument by Rosemount Analytical, Inc. Bloodborne pathogen Pathogenic microbes present in human blood and other potentially infectious materials which can cause disease in humans. Jayfloc Polyelectrolyte used to enhance liquid/solid separation by Vulcan Performance Chemicals. GreaseBurn Grease and skimmings incinerator by Walker Process Equipment.

Endocrine Describing any gland that secretes hormones directly into the bloodstream rather than through a duct or directly into an organ. ProMixTM Polymer wetting and blending unit by BlenTech Inc. Barometric pressure Ambient or local pressure surrounding a gauge, evaporator shell, vent pipe, etc.

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Also spelled ACL Alternate concentration limit. Phreatophyte Any long-rooted plant that is able to obtain its water from the water table. Dvgw German Association for Gas and Water Plants. Oil Grabber Oil skimming system by Abanaki Corp. Act assuring that public water supplies are free of contaminants which may cause health risks; it prevents endangerment of underground sources of drinking water. Scrap Materials discarded from manufacturing operations that may be suitable for reprocessing. MegacellTM Rectangular dissolved air flotation system by Krofta Engineering Corp. Zimpro Environmental Former name of USFilter/Zimpro. Specific oxygen uptake rate (sour) An indicator of a sludge's odor-causing potential by aerating a sludge sample and measuring the rate of oxygen depletion. Weft The horizontal wire in woven wire mesh, also called the"shute" wire. Cumulative exposure The summation of exposures of an organism to a chemical over a period of time.

Large water system A water system that serves more than 50,000 persons. AsymmetrixTM Membrane cartridge filter by USFilter/Filtration amp; Separation. Quot; toilet A small room with a bowl-shaped fixture for urination and defecation.

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