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Percentage coupons

percentage coupons

even after the expiration date. Associate new plans or addons with the coupon. You can make changes to the coupon by clicking the Edit button to the right of the coupon. Advertising menu on the top of the page. You can also use this option to increase the discount amount for new subscriptions while keeping your existing subscriptions on the old discount amount. Check out our current active coupon codes below: This month: One time only 10 off on your order? Note: You can add additional codes to the coupon once the coupon has been created. This depends on whether the coupon has been redeemed or not.

percentage coupons

percentage coupons

This page is created for percentage off coupons and online promotions from department stores and small specialty shops.
However, for all new applications, you will no longer be able to stack this coupon with other coupons on subscriptions during the time the coupon.
"Fixed Amount" and percentage " coupons applicable to "Each Specified Item" will not be applied to the setup fee of a plan if the plan has a setup fee.
You can also use only one coupon code at a time, percentage coupons can't be stacked to increase the percentage.

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If you give someone, or post somewhere a group discount coupon, it can go viral, and all your inventory can be depleted at this discount. Product / Component Restrictions If you would like to limit a coupon to only apply to a specific product or component, you can restrict the coupon by selecting only the products / components that it should apply. You can always check when your promotion will be ready. Recurring Options for Mid-Period Components If you have a coupon that is currently applied to a subscription with renewal periods defined, it will apply to on/off and quantity-based components that are recorded during the middle of the billing cycle. You even have the power to control the expiration date and how long the promotion runs for in conjunction with your products. Fill out, step 1: Conditions section. Click on Download to download the codes file. In Manage Your Promotions you should see a list of your Active promotions. The Duration Type deals with the recurring functionality of coupons. Discount Amount, you may either specify an integer (whole number) percentage discount, or a flat amount in US dollars and cents.

To delete or archive a coupon, click on the coupon and then click on "Delete Coupon" button on the right side. In Buyer purchases set At least this quantity of items. Youll be presented with a simple warning to ensure you understand the implications of archival. (However one person with one code can still buy out all your stock unless you set Max Order Qty. After that, normal plan charges will incur.